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Jade’s husband James had been medically discharged from the Army and was unemployed. The couple had stopped trying to get pregnant and even thought that Jade couldn’t conceive. They were living with his mother in Eugene when Jade began to not feel well. Things were looking down.

“If I am (pregnant), then I don’t know what I’m going to do,” said Jade. “We don’t really have any insurance. We don’t have any money at the moment to raise a baby. We were worried and I was kind of anxious and scared.”

Calming down enough to do a Google search, Jade found Dove Medical. She made an appointment to get her free pregnancy test.

“We can go there and see what they can do to help us and see if I’m actually pregnant or not. If I am, then maybe they can kind of coach us through it a little bit.”

Jade’s pregnancy test was positive. It was too early for an ultrasound so she came back two weeks later to receive that free service.

“In between those two weeks, I was really really sick,” said Jade. “I was like, ‘Maybe I’m having twins if I’m really that sick.’”

The ultrasound confirmed it.

“They found the one baby on there and the heartbeat. They scanned over a little bit further and there was another one. We were like, ‘Oh my gosh. It’s twins!’”

Jade was extremely conflicted. She was excited to be pregnant, but at the same time she was worried because she and her husband weren’t in a good financial situation. Additionally, they didn’t have their own place to call home or their own car.

That’s where Jade’s advocate, Maggie, and nurse, Sue, stepped in. They addressed Jade’s concerns and coached her through her next steps.

“It really helped to talk to Maggie and Sue – to talk it out and really figure everything out,” said Jade. “We talked about what I was going to do as far as living situation and money.”

It wasn’t long after that James was hired to be a manager at a store in Eugene.

“We’ve got our own place now and a car. He’s got a job now. It’s all looking up.”