Nurses Challenge

        200 for 100

How can you possibly top 2018? You met our goal for the 2018 Nurses Challenge by raising enough to fund over 200 ultrasound appointments.

We ask you to continue the great success of this fundraising campaign. Please make a donation today, print out a pledge card and collect pledges or ask your church to sponsor an ultrasound appointment.

The importance of the ultrasound can’t be overstated. When a woman sees the ultrasound image of her child, the life inside her becomes undeniable.

“For me it was the moment I saw him on the ultrasound,” Sarah told us. “It was a definite. There’s the heartbeat. It’s real.”

           Donate by mailing a check to Dove Medical or by giving online.

Your phenomenal support of Dove Medical’s Nurses Challenge for 2018 was record setting.  Our goal was to raise enough to fund 100 ultrasound appointments. You generously supplied Dove Medical with 210 appointments. That’s 210 women who will get to see those incredibly important images of their child. What a tremendous blessing.

Thank you for helping Dove Medical to help make ultrasound appointments happen!