Baby Bottle Fundraiser


Would you consider partnering with Dove Medical by participating in our Baby Bottle Fundraiser? By distributing these precious baby bottles and inviting your congregation to fill them with checks, cash or coins, your church will enable us to continue the important work to which God has called us.

The Baby Bottle Fundraiser is very easy to implement. First, have a volunteer from your church pick up the amount of baby bottles of your choosing from our facility (487 E. 11th Ave). Second, distribute the bottles to your congregation on a Sunday morning. Third, have those participants fill the bottles and bring them back to church. Fourth, have the volunteer return the filled bottles back to Dove Medical.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

This is an excellent opportunity for your church to be involved in a simple project which protects life and makes an eternal impact on our patients. By participating in our Baby Bottle Fundraiser, your congregation can learn about the sanctity of life and make them aware of some of the specific ways Dove Medical helps the women in our community.